Choose the colors you want from the wobblers page and order online! Take advantage of quantity discount! When you order a larger amount of VePus, please contact us via the contact form.

When ordering a custom lure according to your own color preferences, email us for additional information about your color wishes (picture or clear description) myynti [a] Include your name, address, and phone number in the message. Special textiles and logos are priced on a case-by-case basis. IF YOU ARE ORDERING PRODUCTS OUTSIDE FINLAND PLEASE CONTACT US VIA CONTACT FORM.

Give a gift for a fisherman who has everything! The checkout contains a field ‘additional information’ where you can add wishes for the wobbler color and logos. All of the VePu wobbler models are available. The length of the wobbler is 15cm.
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VePu Kuha 13 cm
Wobbler body material apachi. Swimming depth about 2.5m. The best trolling speed for the wobbler 3.0-4.0 km/h (gps speed). Weight about 10g. Wobblers body has been completely renewed. Swimming can be adjusted from sizzle to hard kicks with irregular searches to the sides. Starts swimming at low speeds.  Target fish: Pike-perch, pike, perch.
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VePu Taimen 10 cm
Designer for trout and salmon fishing. The wobbler is also excellent for perch-pike and perch. The body material apachi. Swimming depth 0.5-1.5m. Recommended trolling speed 3.2-4.8 km/h (gps speed). Weight about 4g. Swims sizzly and makes irregular searches to sides. The wobbler can be bought with one hook. Target fish:Trout, perch.
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VePu Mollukka 10 cm
The body material apachi. Swimming depth is about 1.5 meters. The best trolling speed for the wobbler is 3.0-4.0 km/h (gps speed). Weight about 6g. The swim may be set to a sizzle to hardk kick and side flickering. Target fish:Pike-perch, pike, perch, trout. 
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VePu lahjarasia
A wooden gift box filled with lures is a perfect gift for fisherman! The box includes a metal plate. The tile is engraved with the text the buyer wants. There is a comment on the checkout where you can tell the text to be engraved on the tile.
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Hauki 15 cm syvänne
The best trolling speed for the wobbler is 3.0-4.0 km/h (gps speed). Weight about 12g. Suitable for trolling pikes of all sizes. Suitable for pike-perch especially when you want to increase your average catch size. Floating body, dives to 4-5m swimming depth. Target fish: Pike, pike-perch. Also available for pike-perch 13cm colors.
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VePu 6.5 cm
This wobbler is a delicate little lure for general fishing for all prey fish but especially for rainbow trout, trout and perch. It is suitable for trolling with motor or rowing. The wobbler is long casting so it is also suitable for rapids. Weight about 7g. The body material apachi. This model is not in stock, it is made according to orders. Target fish: Salmon, trout, rainbow trout, perch.
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